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Vintage 80's Laminate Plinths, Pedestals

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Vintage 80s laminate plinths, pedestals, sculptural pieces. Use to display art, bedside table, end table, coffee table, plant stand, art gallery. Bauhaus, Breuer vibes. Mix and match. In great condition. Made minor repair on L shape corner; can't see with everyday eye or through camera lens. It's camouflaged

Comes as a group: (a) Very tall plinth: 12x12x48 (laminate on all 6 sides, so you can display horizontally) (b) square grey plinth: 18x18x18.25 (c) 2 L shape + 2 black block (you can use as matching bedside table). L is 18x18x12, block is 15x9.75x16