pronounced [ on - shee ]


ONHSI is a queer American Taiwanese owned online goods shop.
I am based in my home state, Texas.

I offer rare-of-a-find handmade, vintage and reMADE objects.

ONHSI was started to help people curate their space. On the surface, this is interior decorating. On a deeper level, it's creating a sanctuary for yourself.

Whether you like something for its' nostalgia, design, or usefulness-- everyone thrives better when they surround ourselves with objects they love.

Let's find treasures for your happy place. 

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Nice to Meet You

Hi, I'm a one person team curating ONHSI.

Intermixing genres in my collections is intentional. The third culture kid in me sees beauty in it all. It expands my world.

A common thread in my selections is design AND functionality. Why does an object have to be both?

Mainly because I've lived in less than 450 sq feet in NY and LA most of my adult life. I know space is precious and each object you bring home needs to be thoughtfully selected. While my home is bigger in Texas-- I still ask myself these 3 questions when making a purchase:

(1) Is it unique?
(2) Is this well made?
(3) Is it multifunctional?

If it passes the question tests, you'll find it in my collection.

Yvonne (they/them)

Our Collections:

Small Changes,
Big Impact


Own a piece of history. The value of good vintage goes up over time. Their outstanding craftsmanship lasts for generations, unlike fast furniture.  This is one way to be sustainabe. 


Support an artist. Embrace the wabi sabi of each piece and buy a one-of-a-kind art. Decorate your home so it exudes your personality.


Best of both worlds. A former object brought back to life with modern updates.. All work is done by myself.

Self Care

Above all, take care of yourself.