pronounced [ on - shee ]


 ONHSI is a queer American Taiwanese owned online goods shop based in Texas. 

We offer rare-of-a-find objects primarily focusing on vintage and handmade.

Our collections revolve around designs that embody form AND functionality. Every object you own can be a work of art; everything can still be useful. 

We hope our objects bring you joy in your self expression.   

Thanks for being here ^^

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Nice to Meet You

Hi, I'm Yvonne, a one person team curating ONHSI.

ONHSI, like me, is a little of everything. 
I'm a child of immigrants back in my home state of Texas with roots in NY & LA. I'm embracing my third culture identity by intermixing modern, vintage, heritage and random animals that make me smile.

Welcome to my happy place.

ONHSI was started to help people curate their space. On the surface, this is interior decorating. On a deeper level, it's creating a sanctuary for you to recharge. 

Whether you like something for its' nostalgia, design, or usefulness--  we all thrive better when we surround ourselves with objects we love.

Let's find treasures for your happy place. 

Yvonne (they/them)

Our Collections:

Small Changes,
Big Impact

Creating positive change within ourselves, community and environment will look different for everyone.
Here are some ways we are trying to support sustainability, artists, and health.