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Still Life: Orange and Objects - Original Artwork

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Hand painted still life of brown bottle and orange. Acrylic on canvas. The unexpected color palette gives modernism to a traditional still life. Unsigned. 

Would look good hung next to a bar cart or a MCM leather lounge chair in a library. 

Still life is defined by inanimate objects, no animals or people, yet still managing to convey strong emotion.

I interpret this as a wind down moment. It's moody, but not in a brooding way. More of a it's me-time mood. The brown vase stands confidently tall and is the focal object; its rich warm tones pop out against a modern blue/ grey backdrop. The other objects gather around it, making a cozy moment. It reminds me of an end of day moment, with an old fashioned in hand, a good book and a comfortable chair. 

Artwork: 20"x16"

Frame is handmade. Artwork sits in frame securely. 

Frame: 21 5/8" x 17 5/8"