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Angelica Morales Ceramic Platter: Mermaid Holding Lilies

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This is a rare, handmade collectors item. We recommend displaying on a plate stand as art to preserve quality. Do not use for food. 

Angelica Morales Gámez is an award winning potter from Mexico. She is a 4th generation Master Ceramicist who lives and works in her hometown where she creates folk-art Tzintzuntzan pottery.

Tzintzunzan is a city in the state of Michoacan where potters use distinctive colors and designs. Morales uses manganese black over a background of kaolin white and glaze. Each of the drawings that decorate Angelica's pieces are defined as folk art.

This platter depicts a mermaid holding lilies. It is hand painted and signed. 

Wide: 8 1/2"

Height: 1 1/4" 

Excellent condition