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Handmade Yunomi Tea Cups x2

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Yunomi Japanese Petite Tea Cups. Signature stamped. Enjoy this moment to sip tea.

These are secondhand and handmade. Available as a pair. 2 sets available.

Holds: 4 oz

Dimensions: 2 3/8" wide x 2 3/4" tall
Excellent condition: No chips. Color variety as-is, natural, see below. 

Hagi-yaki is a type of Japanese pottery that comes from the town of Hagi in Japan. Some of the oldest Hagi-yaki pieces have been declared National Treasures of Japan. The natural warm hues of its clay, along with the simple lines of it forms are highly valued within traditional aesthetics of many tea ceremony schools.  

Hagi ware is said to improve with age as tannins in the tea slowly stain the fine cracks in the glaze called crazing or kan-nyuu, creating a rich texture known as nanabake or The 7 Transformations. 

ONHSI is sponsoring a 4 class pottery series class for a student in need. 10% of this sale will go towards a Pot Initiative Donation Class