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1940's Lane Furniture Waterfall Art Deco Cedar Blanket Chest

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1945 cedar chest. Rounded "waterfall" features.  Detailed grain line, beautiful variations of pattern coloring. Minor wear on exterior. Polished to shine. 

Chest opens to a padded tray and excellent interior condition of chest. Lock removed for safety. Lane keyhole in tact. 

Overall in good condition. Excellent for linens, silks, cashmere to keep moths away. 

Lane Company cedar chests were a coveted home item from their inception in 1912 until the company closed in 2001 after 89 years on the market. Also called a "hope chest," these beauties came in a variety of styles across the years. The older and rarer the cedar chest is, the higher its value and its desirability to those who want it.

20" deep x 47.5" wide x 21.5" tall