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Five Metal Shop Calendar 2024

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Pre-Order your 2024 Calendar:

Ships late October, early November 2023.

There is an early bird discount happening now for limited time. 

Make your day count! Brand new. Limited Edition. 

How to Use:

Tearaway but don't trash it! Use the back of each page as a gratitude journal. Celebrate all the small and big wins in life. 

Five Metal Shop is an independent creative studio in Taiwan. This calendar gives new life to traditional calendars you may have seen growing up or in shops.

The 2024 calendar keeps the tradition of bold, simple easy to read, bilingual format and well loved semi-transparent fine quality paper. The modern twist is in the exuberant color palette, crisp typography, whimsical graphics.


  • 2024 is Year of The Dragon
  • More than 88 illustrations for special days like New Years
  • 100% manual binding, from January 1 - December 31
  • Superfine 30gsm paper used (0.05mm thickness each page)
  • 7.24 inches X 4.84 inches

*Maximum order of 2 per person. Calendars do not qualify as media mail; calendars sent as regular mail.