How Do Rentals Work?

Email me to confirm availability & dates needed before renting. I will send a separate invoice. 
I will coordinate with you drop off & pick up dates and time based on your zip code, delivery preference. 
If you need items for less than 31 days, cost is same, and I can pick up/you can return earlier.

Paying for Rentals

Deposit to rent is full price of item. You can pay by credit card on website. 

A video will be taken of the objects at drop off / pick up to record state of item given.
Upon inspection and pick up, you will be returned the difference of purchase vs rental price.
You will be paid out via Venmo so you get money back the same day.

If you end up loving the item, you can purchase it to have as your own!


All furniture are pre-assembled.  If you decide to take it apart or bring to another location, you understand that you will be liable for any damage incurred. See Damages below. 


You break, you buy policy.

You are liable for all accidents, damages, dents, tears, stains, scratches, loss and theft.
Any damage made to items will incur full cost of item.
No refunds will be given. 

Rental of ONHSI items are meant for minimal interactions such as photoshoots, open houses, low key dinner party. Each item is rare of a find, valuable and hard to replace.

By renting out furniture & home decor from ONHSI you understand your liability.


Cancellations will incur a 5% non-refundable fee to cover transaction.