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Still Life: Vegetables and More - Original Artwork

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Signed by artist, Katherine P. Smith. Title: Vegetables and More.

Hand painted still life of vibrant vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes, corn, peppers, cabbage in the foreground. Wine, jug and bucket in the background. 

Still life is defined by inanimate objects, no animals or people, yet still managing to convey strong emotion.

I interpret this painting to symbolize abundance. Multiples, pairs of each vegetable. Large vessels, empty bucket can be interpreted as sharing the wealth, being generous. A great piece for the dining room. I would even suggest a double mat to follow the symbolism of the painting of abundance, finished with a gold frame to enhance and make painting even grander. 

(I am having fun writing these. Remind me of Art History class I took in college). 

Acrylic on flat canvas panel.  Unframed. 2003. 

Artwork: 12"x16"